WOSAAM - World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine - is considered to be one of the fastest growing Scientific Societies, currently representing over 6000 physicians from 120 nations, in the clinical specialty of Anti-Aging Medicine (Preventive, Longevity, Graceful Aging and Aesthetic medicine) as well as Nutritional Medicine.
With a view to expanding the physician's knowledge and offering an appropriate scientific qualification, WOSAAM developed the Board Certification Programme in the two disciplines of Anti-Aging Medicine and Nutritional Medicine.
WOSAAM Certification Levels
I. Board Certification (written Exam.)
II. Board Certification Advanced Level (written and oral Exams).
III. Board Certification - Scientific Contribution (publishing an article in a scientific journal related to preventive, anti-aging, life-span medicine or nutritional medicine).
The first two levels must be completed within a maximum of three years.
Level I. Written Examination
Learning Materials are provided to help the physician prepare for the exam over a few months. A review meeting is held a couple of days before the exam to help focus on the most relevant aspects to be tested.
The physician's knowledge is checked in medical domains - from a basic theoretical information on the physiology, etiology and epidemiology of senescence, and statistics on the longest living individual - to practical know-how to measure senescence, do genetic typing tests, advice on life-extending lifestyle changes, psychological attitudes, physical exercise, sleep improvement, sexuality enhancement in men and women, diets, nutritional and hormonal therapies, stem cells, anti-pollution measures, and even spa therapies.
All material is heavily evidence-based, which distinguishes this examination from all other existing programmes in the same area. A major focus is placed on information concerning the achievement of correct diagnoses and treatments.
Assessment method: written examination based on multiple-choice questions (duration: 3 hours).
After fulfilling all requirements for Level I, including successfully passing the exam, the physician is awarded the WOSAAM Board Certificate Level I. 
Level II. Assessment of a physicians' practical know-how in diagnosis and treatment.
The physician is assessed on practical knowledge based on the presentation of practical cases of patients in a written exam comprised of multiple-choice questions. The assessment covers the most important and practical areas of anti-aging medicine (medical domains: nutritional, dietetic, hormonal therapies and physical) or nutritional medicine. Duration of the exam: 1 hour 30 minutes
Patient medical records: written description and submission of the medical records of four of the physician's patients, evaluated by the WOSAAM Board examiners (experienced physicians).
Oral examination with two to three examiners in order to verify the physician's practical knowledge of anti-aging medicine or nutritional medicine (duration 30 minutes)
After fulfilling all requirements for Level II, including the successful completion of the written and oral exams, the physician is awarded the WOSAAM Board Certificate Level II.
Level III. Assessment of the physician's contribution to Anti-Aging or Nutritional Medicine
The physician can achieve this level by accomplishing one of two tasks, after initial approval by the scientific committee of the topic before starting:
1. Review of the literature on a relevant topic, ready for publication; or
2. Original work or research, ready for publication.
Following a satisfactory presentation of the work before a panel of two to three examiners, the physician is awarded the WOSAAM Board Certificate Level III.
Essential reasons for you to get your Board Certification
  • Each MD who obtains the board certification will have access to clear and concise information on relevant therapies, sufficient to embark on an anti-aging medicine practice and avoid any major errors, a first step to becoming an expert.
  • The board certification has a protective value in case of litigations from medical boards or civil courts.
  • The learning materials contain factual, up-to-date scientific references which should greatly help you to scientifically justify the anti-aging or nutritional treatments you prescribe.
  • You, as a physician, can be awarded an official Board Certificate from WOSAAM, the leading international anti-aging medical society in the world. This will enhance your prestige in the eyes of patients and colleagues.
  • The Board Certification can be obtained through a limited amount of study time: the learning materials require the equivalent of up to one week of full-time study depending on your knowledge and experience in this field. This is supplemented by your participation in a 3-hour review course, followed by a 3-hour exam.
Pre-requisites for WOSAAM Board Certification (Written Exam):
  • A full medical university degree as a physician.
  • A registered, fully valid medical license in the country where the candidate works.
  • A minimum of 7 years of clinical practice experience (residency training applicable).
  • Membership of the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSAAM).
  • No significant disciplinary actions against the applicant, or a written appeal including full disclosure of all disciplinary actions accompanied by a full explanation of those actions with a request for a waiver of this requirement.
  • Participation in three consecutive WOSAAM conferences (bearing WOSAAM logo). Failing this, a request for a waiver will be considered if the applicant has attended other conferences. In order to maintain WOSAAM certification, annual attendance to at least one WOSAAM conference is strongly recommended.
  • Attendance, during the last 10 years, to a minimum of 7 congresses or symposia or educational seminar programmes for physicians (such as WOSAAM's fellowship - Anti-aging medicine specialization) in the field of anti-aging medicine or related domain (preventive medicine, hormone therapies, nutritional medicine, etc.) attested by CME (Continuing Medical Education) credits or certificates of participation in the congresses, symposia and/or seminars. Approval of credits and certificates must be obtained from the WOSAAM Scientific Committee.
  • Purchase of Learning Materials and Payment of all dues.
For further information about WOSAAM Board Certifications: Please visit www.wosaam.ws (International) or contact Board@iiaaam.com (Indonesia).


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