ACQUIRE AN EXCEPTIONAL LEVEL OF KNOW-HOW IN ANTI-AGING MEDICINE with the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine’s fellowship in Anti-aging Medicine.
Fellowship, Certificates and Diploma
The Anti-Aging Medicine Specialization (AAMS) is a fellowship organised by the World Society of Anti-aging Medicine (WOSAAM, 6500 physicians) . The AAMS is a continuous course, repeated every two years that you can join at any of the six seminars (modules) of 6 days. It provides an international diploma in Anti-aging Medicine to those who completed the AAMS program. As each seminar/module is separate, participants can obtain, next to the global diploma for the whole AAMS, a separate certificate of attendance for each seminar (module) they attend, and if they pass a separate exam for it, a certificate in competence.
Aims of the Anti-aging medicine specialization
  • Provide practical information to physicians on how to efficiently and safely practice anti-aging medicine.
  • Provide university level courses with complete theoretical and practical information on each important topic
    of anti-aging medicine.
  • Provide certificates and a diploma that attest the attendance of a physician to the courses and his competence.
How to do it
The fellowship consists of six 6-day seminars (3 days taught courses and 3 days self-learning by DVD). On request, a larger part of the courses can be followed at home or in the office through self-learning with DVD as
the whole course is videotaped.
Know how, skills
The program is made to learn you as a physician how to safely and efficiently apply anti-aging medical therapies.
Licensed physicians may attend the full 2-year program. Other health-professionals may attend after request and acceptance by the scientific committee.

The Anti-Aging Medicine Specialization that makes the difference... 

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